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+3 Biodiversity, Agriculture and Culture of Taiwan (About)
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Biodiversity, Agriculture and Culture of Taiwan

Key Facts


Jun 21 – Jul 20, 2014

Application fee

USD 300 (non-refundable)

Program fees (in USD)

International students from non-partner university


International students from non-partner university students

(Early Bird:Before Mar 15)


International students from partner university


International students from colleges of UIUC, Purdue, UMD, TAMU and Shanghai Jiaotong Univ

(Application fee waived)



The program fee covers course materials, program T-shirt and bag, all the accommodation and two thirds of meals, travel expenses and insurance within Taiwan.


A transcript of 4 credits will be offered; credit recognition by your home university is required.


Provided by the BOT Shui-Yuan Dormitory, offering single rooms within an on-campus student residential complex, equipped with sports facilities and spacious communal areas.

Application period

International students

Partner university students

Before March 15, 2014

Non-partner university students

Before April 15, 2014

(Early Bird: Before Mar 15)

Explore the exceptional Biodiversity, Agriculture and Culture of Taiwan.

+Take university courses on the Biodiversity, Agriculture and Taiwanese culture - an attractive blend of well-preserved Chinese heritage and cosmopolitan influences.


Taiwan is an island of 36,000 km2 with a costal line stretching more than 1,100 km, situated in subtropical and tropical Asia. Yushan – the highest mountain in the country is about 4000 m. Due to the high differences in elevation, climates vary along the altitudinal gradient, producing diverse and abundant wild fauna and flora. Geologically speaking, Taiwan is a relatively young island and volcanic activity, gorge cleaving, and rock formation are still in action today. The Chinese culture that is well preserved on the island is one of the most intriguing aspects we offer to foreign visitors.





The College of Bioresources and Agriculture at National Taiwan University (CBA, NTU) holds the “Biodiversity, Agriculture, and Culture of Taiwan Summer Program” for exploration and engagement with Taiwan and Taiwanese culture. All courses and field trips in this program are conducted in English. Throughout the program, you will explore Taiwan from its oceans to its low, mid, and highest elevations where you will gain a better understanding of our island’s enormous potential for biodiversity. Furthermore, we will visit the world famous National Palace Museum to get hands-on experience with bamboo and tea culture, Chinese calligraphy and language. You will get a taste of Taiwanese delicacies and even have the chance to make some yourself! Shopping and eating at the night markets is another part of the Taiwanese lifestyle that you will have the chance to experience. Credit for BACT summer should be confirmed and acknowledged by your home university before you decide to participate.



Mr. Chih-Hsiung Hsu (Jack) / Ms. Ning Ong(Alison)

Center for International Agricultural Education and Academic Exchanges (CIAEAE)

Tel: +886 (0)2 3366 4215  





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