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 How to apply?

Before you can apply to NTU as an exchange student, you must be nominated by your home university.

Please check with your study abroad adviser or International Office at your home university to see if NTU has an agreement in your subject area.



Please read the 2014/2015 Application Procedure before you start the application.

Application is made online. You will need to fill in an online application form and upload any supporting documents via our online application system during the application period.

If you are applying for the …

you can apply from…

First Semester

March 01 to 31

Second Semester

October 01 to 31

   Online Application System (will be available from March 01, 2015)

You needn’t complete your online application in one go. Once you’ve activated an online account, you can log back into our system and complete the uploading at any time before the deadline.


  What you need to apply

Along with your application, you will need to upload copies of your supporting information including an official transcript, a passport-sized photograph, a one-page statement of purpose (in Chinese or English), a copy of your non-Taiwanese passport, medical and accident insurance proof, and an NTU Health Exam Form.

Please kindly refer to 2014/2015 Application Procedure before applying. 

Mainland China passport holders, please refer to Chinese version Application Procedure.


  Once you’ve applied

You can reupload the required documents and check your application status using the login page of the online application system.


  Your passport

This is a program for non-Taiwanese citizens. If you have dual citizenship, please provide a copy of your non-Taiwanese passport.

PRC passport holders, please refer to Chinese version website at:

*According to the Conscription Law, male students who has household register in Taiwan before and now at conscription age should enter Taiwan with the Taiwanese Passport.



At NTU you can look forward to living in quality accommodation. Each semester, local and international students enjoy the convenience and affordability of our residential services.

Housing application is made along with your online application.

We provide guaranteed accommodation as part of your application, so if you tick “Yes”, we will arrange accommodation for you. Late applications will not be accepted.



       For a more comfortable environment, male and female students are housed in separate levels or wings.

       The University’s Accommodation Regulations don’t allow students living on-campus to host others in the      dormitory overnight.

       Your roommate cannot be chosen by you.

       We do not provide student accommodation for couples and families. Students can apply for Guo Qing Dorm but cannot choose the room type; the NTU Housing office will assign them randomly.


  Types of accommodation: (1 TWD = 0.033 USD = 0.025 EUR in August 2014)

The amount of rooms isn’t unlimited, therefore we cannot guarantee that you will be granted your most preferred choice. We encourage you to choose at least two types of accommodation in your application. 


Room type



Prince House - NTU Shui Yuan Dorms

(Introduction .pdf)

Single Suite with Communal Kitchen

TWD 8,800 per month

( water included )

a single room with a private bathroom and a communal kitchen shared among five residents

Single Suite

TWD 7,400 per month

(water included)

a single room with a private bathroom

Twin Suite

TWD 4,900 per month

(water included)

a room with a private bathroom shared by two residents

Guo Qing Dorm (IYC)

(Introduction. ppt)

Twin Suite

TWD 19,900–22,400 per semester (water and electricity included; air conditioning fee excluded)

a room with a private bathroom shared by two residents

Twin Share

TWD 11,900–12,900 per semester (water and electricity included; air conditioning fee excluded)

a room shared between two students, shared common bathroom


* Prince House is the University’s newest dormitory. Its management and operation are contracted out; therefore, please note that if you are assigned to the Prince House Dorms, you will receive an email regarding confirmation payment (if you can’t see it please check your junk mail). For more information, visit the Prince House website (email:


  On-campus accommodation check-in

The check-in date for the on-campus accommodation is from September 09-10, 2014 for the First Semester and from Febuary 23, 2015 for the Second Semester.

If you arrive at your dormitory earlier than the check-in date, contact the dormitory first.


A deposit should be paid upon check-in:

For …

the amount of deposit is …

Prince House

two-month rent

 This deposit will be refunded to you after you’ve returned the key and the door security card upon check-out.


  Accommodation fee waiver

If you are a student from the following universities that offer complimentary housing to NTU exchange students, you are welcome to enjoy free accommodation during your program in NTU: 

            Freie Universität Berlin in Germany

            Soka University in Japan 

            Complutense University of Madrid in Spain

When exempted from accommodation fees thanks to bilateral agreements, you are granted the Guo Qing Dorm (IYC) Twin Share. 

Please note that if you have received free housing at Guo Qing Dorm (IYC) Twin Share, but you wish to stay in the Prince House-NTU ShuiYuan Dorm, you will be expected to pay the normal price asked by Prince House. 



NTU offers scholarships to students from universities which have bilateral scholarship agreements with NTU (as the table below shows). To apply for our scholarship, you must first be nominated by your home university.





Freie Universität Berlin

Heidelberg University

Karlsruher Institut für Technologie

Universität Tübingen

Ulm University


Soka University

Waseda University


Complutense University of Madrid





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