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Academic Information
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 Academic Calendar

         2014/2015 NTU Academic Calendar


 Academic Courses

You can check information about courses available for you to register during your exchange/visiting period at Course Information for International Students.

Browse the Course Information Website to search academic courses offered by NTU. We recommend reading User Instructions first.

Read our Online Course Selection System User Guide for details on course selection and enrollment.  

Forms related to course selection are available here.



  1. The College of Medicine (醫學院) does not take senior and graduate exchange/visiting students, because these cannot enroll in the practice courses (實習課) at the College of Medicine.
  2. The Department of Anthropology (人類學系暨研究所) has special Chinese language proficiency requirements; The courses are conducted in Chinese.
  3. Visiting Student Program applicants for Graduate Institute of Art History (藝術史研究所) must have enough background at Art History field; Applicants need to provide one more recommendation letter from NTU Graduate Institute of Art History during online application period.


 Learning Chinese

At NTU, you have a choice of different Chinese programs to suit your needs.

 NTU General Chinese Course
The General Chinese Course is a regular academic course with credits. NTU offers a range courses designed for different levels of proficiency. To help you make the swiftest progress in Chinese, we will give you a placement test then place you in the class most suited to your needs.

Any NTU exchange/visiting student can apply for the NTU General Chinese Course and Enhancing Chinese Course. If you wish to apply, please sign in on the application form.

Beside our General Chinese Course with credits, there are two language centers in NTU offering a popular selection of other fee-paying Chinese programs.




 Change of the Period


 Leaving NTU

   If you are leaving NTU: Online Deregistration System

 Grades and Official Transcript


 Useful Links



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