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Summer+ Programs
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Our NTU Summer Plus programs enable students from all over the world to gain first-hand experience, college credits, and cultural exploration – all within an international setting based on academic and personal growth. With programs that cover topics from Mandarin Chinese to agriculture, biotechnology, leadership, and economics, Summer Plus is sure to have something for everyone. Not only do these programs allow students to expand their cultural experiences, they give them the tools to succeed in diverse environments by encouraging travel, dialogue, and hands-on experiences in several fields of study. We hope you will look into each of these programs and select the one that best fits your needs and interests. We welcome your questions and look forward to reading your applications.





+10 Translating Chinese - Methods and Practice         NEW

July 01 – August 09, 2014 (six weeks)

This 6-week program helps you develop your ability to translate from Chinese to English, while advancing your understanding of famous Chinese classics. It gives you an opportunity to enjoy an engaging and interactive experience, thanks to a winning combination of theory and practice.



+1  Summer Intensive Program for Chinese Language & Culture

Session I      July 01  July 29, 2014  (four weeks)
Session II     August 03  August 30, 2014 (four weeks)

NTU's Summer+1 allows you to experience an East Asian culture and gain Mandarin Chinese competence during the four week program. The program is based on a unique mix of Exploring Taiwan courses and Mandarin Chinese lessons. Every Exploring Taiwan course is conducted in English and studies a different environmental, historical or sociocultural facet of Taiwan. Weekly field trips and social activities, such as calligraphy and martial arts classes, are offered for deeper immersion into East Asian civilization. 




+2  Summer Program for Laboratory Research & Culture

Session I    July 01  August 09, 2014  (six weeks)
Session II   July 20  August 30, 2014  (six weeks)

NTU's Summer+2 allows students to take advantage of NTU’s state-of-the-art laboratories while also taking a closer look into the island's East Asian culture. This six-week program combines laboratory research with access to our Exploring Taiwan courses (conducted in English), four lectures, and four complementary field trips investigating the topics of Taiwanese Environment and Resources as well as Taiwanese Social Culture.




+3  Biodiversity, Agriculture and Culture of Taiwan

June 21,2014 – July 20, 2014  (four weeks)

NTU’s Summer+3 is a four-week program that allows you to discover Taiwan’s biodiversity and agriculture while also taking a closer look into the island's East Asian culture through our Exploring Taiwan courses. This program offers students an in-depth understanding of Taiwan’s society, geography, environment and cultural heritage. All Exploring Taiwan courses are conducted in English.




+4  Summer Program for Biotechnology

July 13, 2014  July 26, 2014  (two weeks)

In NTU’s two-week Summer+4 program, you can conduct laboratory research in NTU’s state-of-the-art laboratories during the first week, then take part in an Animal Biotechnology Laboratory Practicum and benefit from hands-on training during the second week. You will work with distinguished NTU professors to examine core techniques of biotechnological research. The language of instruction is English and students can explore different research interests upon discussions with professors.




+5  Global LEAD Summer Program

July 01, 2014 ─ July 31, 2014 (four weeks)

NTU’s Summer+ “Plus Five” program is offered by the College of Management and provides students an unique and exciting opportunity to study and learn in Taiwan.  Students will obtain business knowledge and explore Asian economic trends as well as experience the management practices in Greater China.  The program aims to help students turn theory into practice, ambition into purpose, and potential into achievement. 




+6  International Trade Law and Practice Summer Program

July 01, 2014 – July 19, 2014  (three weeks)

Summer+ 6 Program provides substantial courses about international trade law and practice. Our top-notch instructors along with the high academic quality of our courses even allow you to obtain school credits. It is an excellent opportunity for students to familiarize themselves with theoretical and practical knowledge about international trade law and lawyering.




+7  Understanding Taiwan in Global Settings

Session A: June 22-July 7, 2014 (In Chinese)

Session B:  Mid-August, 2014 (In English)

The goal of this program is to arrange lectures and various local practicum, cultural activities and excursion to make students learn Taiwan’s latest developments in political, economic and social dimensions from globalization and comparative perspectives. Session A is open to the students from Chinese University of Hong Kong and Session B is open to the students from University of Tokyo only.





+8  Summer Program on Developmental Biology

August 03 – August 30, 2014 (four weeks)

Learning molecular and cellular mechanisms of development has been a fascinating subject in life science. Summer +8 is designed for students who are interested in understanding developmental processes using genetic or genomic approaches. An intensive 4-week program will started with lectures on basic knowledge and tools in developmental biology. Then, each student will conduct a hands-on project under the supervision of participating faculty members. At the end of the course, students will share their results with all participants on the presentation day. Currently, we have yeast, C. elegans, Drosophila, planarian, leech, zebrafish, mouse, and Arabidopsis as potential materials for the course project. Students are encouraged to interact with their classmates and the faculty members during the course. . In addition to the lab experience, a couple of lectures and one field trip to explore the Taiwanese culture will be arranged. 




+9  Emerging Technology in Civil and Building Engineering: BIM

July 20 – August 09, 2014 (three weeks)

NTU’s Summer+ 9 is a Mandarin-taught, three-week program for the latest AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) technology, BIM (Building Information Modeling). In the summer program, top BIM researchers and experts in NTU will share their knowledge and experiences with students on BIM core concepts, principles, and strategies to building projects. The program also includes a series of hands-on workshop in the computer lab. The students will learn to employ the popular BIM tool, Autodesk Revit, to develop parametric models, experience with collaborative working environment, measure quantities and identify properties of building components. Multiple site visits will be arranged to increase students’ understanding to BIM applications through the discussion with BIM practitioners.




Scholarship: Jeffrey Gu Memorial Fund for Study in Taiwan

 (For students from Harvard University)





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