How to Apply?

All applications are completed online. Fill out the online application form and upload all supporting documents to the Online Application System during the application period.

If you are applying for... You can apply from...
The First Semester March 15 to April 15
The Second Semester October 1 to October 31

You don't have to complete your application in one go. After submitting your application form, you can log back in to the system to upload any remaining documents before the deadline. You may not change information on the application form after you submit the form. If you must change any information, please send a request to the program manager at <>.

Application Materials

All documents must be a clear color photocopy of original documents in either Chinese or English.

1. ID Photo: A digital ID photo in compliance with government regulations. See Guidelines for ePassport Photographs (JPG format).

2. Motivation Letter/Statement of Purpose: A statement with a maximum of 2 pages in length (PDF format).

3. Academic Records: A color photocopy of official transcripts which include all courses taken during your current degree level (PDF format).

4. Passport: A color photocopy of personal information page of your passport (PDF format). Mainland Chinese applicants may submit a color photocopy of both front and back of your PRC identity card instead (PDF format).

5. Two Letters of Recommendation: In one single PDF file, include two letters of recommendation by two separate parties. Your recommenders must be academically related to you who can comment on your academic ability. Recommenders have the option to send the letter directly to the Visiting Student Program's manager, Ms. Ariel Chen, at <>. 

6. Financial Statement: All visiting students must document their ability to meet all educational and living expenses at NTU. Please provide a financial or bank statement which shows that you have funds meeting or exceeding USD 6,500 (TWD 195,000). Bank statements of the applicant's parents can be accepted. If you're coming with a scholarship, please provide relevant documents. See Tuition & Fees for a list of estimated expenses (PDF format).

7. Certificate of Remittance for Application Fee: An application fee payment of TWD 15,000 must be made by wire transfer to your unique designated beneficiary account by the time of application. The payment details can be downloaded from the "Payment" section of the Online Application System. Submit a photocopy of certificate of remittance after the transfer is made (PDF format).

Start Your Application

Applying for On-Campus Housing

Finding off-campus housing on your own can be frustrating, especially when you just arrived in Taiwan and are only staying for a short period of time.

All visiting students are guaranteed on-campus housing if request is made during application period. To apply, simply check "Yes" on the Online Application System in response to the question regarding accommodation and then select your room preferences.

On-campus housing is not guaranteed after the application deadline; if you decide to live off campus you may cancel your on-campus housing arrangement in the beginning of the semester.

Visit Accommodation for detailed information on NTU's dormitories.

General Chinese Course

All visiting students are eligible to enroll in General Chinese Course, a regular credit course for all NTU's international students to learn or advance their Chinese skills. Visit General Chinese Course for more information.

If you are interested in taking the course, simply check "Yes" on the Online Application System in response to the question regarding General Chinese Course and attend placement test held the week before classes start.

After You've Applied

After you have submitted your application form, you can log back in to the system with your email address and date of birth (yyyymmdd) to check your application status or to upload any remaining documents before the deadline.

Admission decisions will be announced on a rolling basis, and will all be available by the end of June for the First Semester entry and by the end of December for the Second Semester entry.

Check Your Application Status

After You Are Admitted

After you are admitted, please prepare the following documents as required for Registration. See Registration for more information.

1. NTU Health Exam Form: To meet the university and the government's requirements, all new students must complete a health exam by a qualified doctor. Please read health exam instruction and complete each examination section listed on the forms. It is required that you complete both Health Exam Form and Form C. Click here to download the instruction and the forms. The form shall be submitted on the day of Registration, and it must not be older than 3 months from the date of issue.

2. Proof of Medical and Accident Insurance: A color photocopy of proof of medical and accident insurance valid through the period of your stay in Taiwan and with coverage of at least TWD 1,000,000 (approx. USD 34,000) each. You are advised to purchase your insurance in your country of residence before coming to Taiwan. 

PRC Passport Holder

Mainland China (PRC) passport holders must submit additional documents for the application of Entry Permit (入臺證). Please switch to the Chinese version of this website for information.

Update: 2018 / 02 / 06