Learning Chinese- FAQ

Do you have any questions about the Chinese courses? Here are some frequently asked questions to which you can refer:

- Registration for General Chinese Courses

- Add and Drop

- Enhancing Chinese Course

- Continue My Courses

- Others

Registration for General Chinese Courses

1.  Q: How can I register for the General Chinese course?

A: Students who wish to take General Chinese course are required to register and take the placement test in person. Then, you need to confirm your assigned class on the Course Selection System. (Please note that any time conflicts with your class schedule are NOT allowed). You can check your assigned course level one week after the placement test at: http://oia.ntu.edu.tw > News

2.  Q: If I cannot attend the placement test, can I take the General Chinese course?

A: No, you need to attend the registration and placement test in order to take the course. If your flight is later than the designated date, please provide proofs (such as passport). We will arrange a make-up test for you.

3.  Q: Is it possible to attend General Chinese Course as a free listener instead of registering for the course?

A: You need to ask for the instructor's permission directly. However, students who have registered will have the priority to take the course.

4.  Q: As a beginner of Chinese, should I take the placement test to register for the Chinese courses?

A: No, you don't need to take the test. You simply need to fill out the registration sheet and submit it to our staff on the designated date.

5.  Q: After fulfilling the online survey, should I register for the Chinese courses again along with other English-taught courses on the NTU online course selection system?

A: General Chinese course cannot be found/added on the NTU online course selection system. Therefore, to register successfully for the course, you still need to attend the registration and placement test on the designated date.

6.  Q: Is there any information about the credits, hours, and syllabi of the Chinese language courses?

A: For credits and hours, please refer to Learning Chinese for the information on Chinese language courses. For the syllabi, please refer to NTU Online Course Information for more information.

7.  Q: I have applied for the Chinese course, but I found that I cannot take the course for personal reasons. What should I do to drop the Chinese course?

A: Students who do not come to the registration and placement test cannot take the General Chinese course. If you wish to drop the course, please follow NTU course selection regulations.

8.  Q: I have chosen morning sessions of General Chinese course on the online survey. Can I change the morning classes to the evening ones?

A: It is possible to change your session on the registration & placement test day. Please attend General Chinese course registration, and change your choice to the evening classes on the registration sheet. 

9. Q: Can I change my class after the course result is out on the online course selection system?

A: Yes, please follow NTU course selection regulations to add/drop your course on the system. For add/drop info, please refer to the following Q&A.

10.  Q: Is there any scholarship provided for the Chinese language course?

A: No, currently, NTU does not offer scholarship for Chinese-learning programs.

Add and Drop

1.  Q: Where can I get the permission number/Authorization code (授權碼)?

A: You need to ask the instructor directly.

2.  Q: How can I add a course if I miss the deadline of adding courses online?

A: You can refer to "manual course add" in week three. 

3.  Q: If I miss the deadline of online class withdraw, how can I drop a course?

A: You can refer to the Withdraw Application System.

4.  Q: How can I switch classes from morning sessions to evening ones?

A: Students who want to switch the class must ask for the Authorization Code (授權碼) from the instructor of the new class. After getting the Authorization Code, students can drop the original class and add the new class on the Course Selection System before deadline.

Enhancing Chinese Course

1.  Q: Can I take the Enhancing Course without taking the General Chinese Course?

A: No. You need to take the General Course to get admission to the Enhancing Course.

Continue My Courses

1.  Q: I had taken the General Chinese courses and I would like to continue. What should I do?

A: Students in the year program, do not need to take another test in the second semester. Students who have taken General/Enhancing Chinese courses for the first semester will be automatically enrolled in the second semester to next level. Please confirm your course selection result before the deadline of dropping course on the Course Selection System. 

2.  Q: I had taken the General Chinese course, but I didn’t take the Enhancing Chinese course. If I want to add Enhancing Chinese course in the 2nd semester, what should I do?

A: Please send an email to Henry Lin (henrylin2016@ntu.edu.tw).


1.  Q: Is there any possibility for private tutor classes with flexible class time hours?

A: You can refer to "Non-NTU Student

2. Q: Can I take General Chinese Course if it overlaps other NTU courses?

A: NTU course selection system does not allow any time conflict/overlapping of courses. You need to decide which course you prefer to take, and drop the other one, or both of the courses will be automatically deleted from your course schedule.

Update: 2017 / 01 / 19